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We aspire to be every patient’s trusted health care assistant. With the latest health news and the help of our professional healthcare partners, we envision on providing help to people in gaining access to advanced medical care, health news update and professional and licensed doctors.

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Chuyen Gia Y Khoa is committed to providing latest medical information with access to a list of highly experienced medical experts of all specialisations in Vietnam and Singapore. As a trusted medical assistant, we aim to work with everyone for guaranteed full information that can be applied for the cure and/or treatment of all types of health conditions.

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We are committed to providing the latest medical information that one may need about a certain disease. From health and wellness tips to choices of health professionals and available treatment options, we are here to assist every person to live a healthier life.

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High quality blogs and articles will help you learn more about any health condition you wish to learn more of.

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With our list of certified professional doctors of all specialisations, we guarantee optimum patient care like no other. You will definitely find a specialist to any health problems you may have.

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We provide nothing but expert-level medical assistance. Latest health news and blogs and professional health care assistance from experts no less than 20 years in the service guarantee professional service to everyone.

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  • The extensive information in this site is of great help! From tips on how to provide care to someone with cancer to looking for an excellent oncologist, this medical website can give you a complete guide to treating just about any health issue.

    Jenny Hansen

    Medical Specialist Phd. MD
  • I’m from Singapore and was looking for a cancer expert to help me with my mother’s case. Luckily, I came across this site. Now, my mother has shown great progress with the help of some of this site’s recommended experts.

    Jenny Hansen

    Medical Specialist Phd. MD


Medical Specialist Phd. MD

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