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Neurosurgery (Brain & Spine)

Neurosurgery is at the cutting edge of medical neuroscience. It is a medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of any disorder that affects the nervous system, including the spinal cord, the brain and the peripheral nerves. Neurosurgery covers all fields of pathology, which includes congenital acquired, traumatic, degenerative and infection-related conditions. One example of congenital case is hydrocephalus and meningitis for infection-related condition—both are common among paediatric patients. Traumatic conditions include spine and head trauma, which can cause internal haemorrhage and common in adults; while degenerative conditions include Parkinson’s disease and aneurysms and are common among older adults.

When to See a Neurosurgeon

Despite being called “neurosurgeon,” they are not solely involved in surgical treatment only. They can also make diagnosis and develop specialized treatment plans, and can also prescribe non-surgical treatment if surgery is not necessary.

Therefore, whether or not you are in need of a surgery for a condition you suspect of having, see a neurosurgeon once you start noticing any symptoms.

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